Flyer EFB_DSP 2007 (pdf)

International Workshop on Downstream Processing (EFB-DSP 2007) | May 10-11, 2007

In the last decades much progress has been made in improving efficiencies of biological production processes, such as fermentations (e.g. strain development) and enzymatic conversions. Developments in downstream processes have not yet taken the same pace; these processes are still based on relatively “classical” technologies such as chromatography, centrifugation and filtration. Due to this, the center of effort and costs in biotechnological production processes have shifted downwards to the bioseparation part, which creates the need to search for ‘quantum leap’ potential of new developments.

This workshop aims to facilitate in this search, by providing a forum for presenting and debating the most recent developments in this field. The workshop will be held in different sessions, which will cover key themes in the area such as: Fast track (downstream) process development, new materials (membranes, selective ligands, resins, ionic liquids) in-situ product removal (process integration,  intensification) and scaleability of processes. Each session will comprise presentations on the latest developments in the field of downstream processing and will be closed with a plenary discussion.

This workshop will therefore showcase recent advances in all scalable methods for concentrating and isolating biologics, including surfactant-based separations, aqueous two-phase extraction, expanded-bed adsorption, membrane and hydrogel-based separation systems, and all forms of chromatography. Advances in plasmid, virus, and genomic DNA purification are also a focus of the conference.

We are designing a technical program that meets your expectations in terms of scientific excellence.

The aim of the workshop is to bring you up to date on bio purification science and technology by providing industrial and academic scientists and engineers a unique forum for presenting their most recent findings and for debating the merits and uses of all scalable methods for concentrating and isolating biologics.

Sessions offered

  • In situ Product Recovery, Process Integration and Process Intensification
  • New Materials, Principles and Fundamentals
  • Fast-track Process Development Technologies
  • Scalable processes